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The EduFederice Photo and Film was created in the United States, in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. The opportunity to follow the story of couples from different countries, such as Argentina, United States, Mexico and Uruguay, enriched the company professionally and provided access to the best equipment in the film market. Recognized by international associations, does not hesitate to pursue all the time what's the best shooting wedding, whether in technical language or editing.

Now located in São Paulo, the EduFederice operates throughout Brazil and abroad. To maintain the quality and uniqueness, meets only one event per day, bringing together the best professionals to capture every detail of festivals and ceremonies. The team is headed by Edu and Nando. Edu has years of international experience, and enhanced by participating in courses, fairs and workshop's in the United States.

Nando is already Videomaker, formed in advertising. At work, your sensitivity joins in capturing images to your creativity editing where movie expresses its identity with the help of cranes, Steadycam and DSLR cameras Travelling in proposing a new concept in wedding films. Thus, grooms relive each moment as if they were in the movies, and will be able to feel every emotion again.